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As a locksmith business, many competitors are getting online, but it’s not easy to get organic traffic from Google in 2021!

Search engine optimization (SEO) for locksmiths website is not much harder than you think.

Today, who needs locksmiths services, use smartphones or computers to do a quick search on Google.

Many locksmith customers are searching like “locksmith in England or Philadelphia,” and call the first-page website that shows on Google search result.

So, you have to bring your website on google first-page result to attract more customers.

If you do proper locksmith SEO optimization for your website, it’ll be more comfortable appearing at the top of search results.

Therefore, I’m going to show you 11 SEO tips for locksmiths businesses to take action from today!

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Let’s get started the locksmith SEO tips now!

Why is SEO important for Locksmiths?

For any service, it is essential to use the latest marketing strategies to reach a broader audience.

Locksmith websites are no different.

Locksmiths are lifesavers; they can save people from unexpected crises like getting locked in the house or car.

SEO can market Locksmith websites in the best way and improve the search rankings.

We are living at a time where everyone is on the run, so a helpless person looking for a locksmith is unlikely to check more than 2-3 websites.

As a locksmith, you need to make sure that you rank within the top results for a locksmith search.

To boost your online presence and search ranking, you must implement proper SEO techniques and tools.

If you want to know why SEO is vital for locksmiths’ businesses?

Because there are several types of customers are having different requirements.

Yes, the basic search terms are like “Locksmiths in New York.”

But you have to find the less competitive right keywords to get a faster rank on Google.

Here are some types of keys that locksmith customers might look for:

● Double/Four-Sided Key – double-sided keyless lock/ four-sided key lock (See the smart lock)

● Transponder Key – transponder key in the door lock

● Skeleton Key – skeleton key door lock

● Abloy Key – Abloy lock key replacement

● Dimple Key – dimple key door locks

● Paracentric Key – southern steel paracentric Key

● Tubular Key – electric tubular key duplicator

All the above-listed sub-topics you can use for your locksmith website blog content drive more traffic to your services pages.

In SEO for locksmiths or any other niches, content is a big part of SEO success.

There are several types of locksmith services that come with a different kind of requirements, such as:

1> Residential Locksmith-

● Panic hardware installation.

● High-security keys duplication.

● High-Security Deadbolt installation.

● UPVC Doors and lock installation.

● Emergency Lockouts.

● Keyless entry locks.

● Installation of CCTV.

● Install a smart home security system.

2> Commercial Locksmith-

● Office complexes

● Schools

● Hotels

● Garages

● Warehouses

● Production plants

3> Automobile locksmith

4> Key cutting

5> Institutional locksmith-

● Key control.

● Installation Lock and Key.

● Installation of building management system.

● Card access systems.

● Visitor management system.

● Key making and replacement.

6> Forensic locksmith-

● Photography and microphotography.

● Metallurgy.

● Microscopic examination.

● Disassembly of a device.

● Tool mark identification.

● Evidence collection and preservation.

● Crime scene investigation

You have to find the right intent keywords and optimize each locksmiths’ services pages/post that satisfy the searcher.

This is why SEO comes as most important for locksmiths’ business in 2021 for Google organic ranking!

3 Reasons Locksmiths Should Invest in Local SEO:

Here are three reasons why you should consider local SEO as an essential part of your locksmith website.

1. Free Traffic:

Even if you have a PPC campaign, you would still want to increase your website’s organic traffic.

Besides, advertising is still quite expensive, so if you can boost your SEO ranking, you will get a vast amount of free traffic.

2. Google is still the reigning king:

More than 97% of people look for local businesses online.

And when it comes to the search market, Google is the most prominent force.

There was a time when you could promote your business on some local search pages like Yellow Pages, but now if you want to promote your business online effectively, then Google is the best option.

3. Fast results:

The most significant advantage of being a locksmith is that you only need to compete with the other locksmiths in your area.

There is also a chance that many of your competitors are probably not using local SEO yet.

So compared to other businesses, you can see changes in your rankings quite fast.

If your SEO campaign is good enough, then you can get to the first page of search rankings within only 30 days.

How to do SEO for Locksmiths websites in 2021 – 11 best practices:

1.  Intent-Based Keyword Research:

The very first step of SEO is to find out the potential keywords.

You can list down all the terms related to your business like “Locksmith service,” “Instant locksmiths,” “Car lockout service,” etc.

To find out which keyword can bring traffic, you need to create a free Google Adwords account.

Primarily there is no need to use a paid keyword research tool.

You can use Google’s keyword planner for free with an AdWords account.

This tool gives you an idea of how much traffic a particular keyword can bring and also suggests some effective related keywords.

Now that you have chosen the keywords, you need to understand their intent.

Keywords are generally of two types of intent- buying intent and research Intent.

●   Buying intent:

People searching for locksmiths with a buying intent are ready to make a purchase/hire/booking.

They are actively looking for the service to get a solution immediately, like “Locked my keys in the house Pittsburgh.”

As these keywords can give a faster result, you need to focus on the buying intent keywords more than anything while doing the local SEO.

●   Research Intent:

Research Intent is when a prospect is just looking for information and not ready to make a purchase/booking/hiring right now.

People searching with research intent can become your future customers.

For example, a person searching “best locksmiths services for home security” is trying to find out which business can provide him the best service.

Buying intent keywords should be the top priority, but you cannot ignore the keywords with research intent.

You can use these keywords, especially in your blogs, introducing your services to your potential customers.

2.  Optimize For Location-Based Keywords:

Customers will search for local keywords as they need the service as soon as possible.

They will choose the nearest and most easily accessible service out of all the search page results.

If you want to reach your local customers, you need to optimize your keyword with your location.

For example, if you choose a keyword like “Locksmith services in Florida,” the people around you will find you more easily.

●   Google My Business:

Google My Business page is a mini-website version that people can find on the Map section of Google.

Google My Business page comes with all the details of your website and boosts your internet presence.

It is easier to rank on Google with a Google My Business page, so do not ignore this.

You need to complete all the following steps on Google My Business accurately:

1. First, complete the verification so that you get the “verified” mark beside your business name.

1. Fill up your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) correctly.

2. Choose the categories your business belongs to, like Locksmith, Security service, Security locker supplier.

3. Next, describe your business within 100 to 200 hours, including all the details like name, location, phone number, services that you provide, and discounts if you have.

4. Add the business hours accurately, and make sure you keep them updated on your social media and website also.

5. Last but not least, images.

Yes, images can give a decent idea to the customer on how your company works.

Images should be clear, of a size between 10KB to 5MB with a resolution of 720px × 720px.

●   Website Optimization:

It would help if you began the website optimization with your core pages first (Homepage and Service pages).

Optimize both the core pages with buying intent keywords and later start optimizing the content pages (Blogs and FAQs) with the research Intent keywords.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to optimize your Homepage:

1. First, choose a title tag of 50 to 65 characters that includes your business name and location.

2. Add the meta description with 100 to 150 characters and include all the primary services you offer.

3. Add a Call to action with your phone number that triggers the audience, like “Call now for 10% off on any service”.

4. Finally, create a Homepage content with your primary keywords that consists of 500 to 1000 words.

The copy should be exact, provide the details of your company, background, and core services.

Create a new service page for each of the services you provide.

Optimize the content on these service pages with buying intent keywords.

3. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly:

If someone is locked out of their house or car, they will probably not access the computer or laptop. 

So, people are more likely to search for a locksmith from their mobile phones in a crisis or emergency.

Therefore, if your locksmith website is not mobile-friendly, you will miss out on a lot of traffic.

Mobile-friendliness is also an essential factor that influences your ranking on Google.

If your website is not accessible from mobile phones, then the chances of getting ranked high on Google search results are significantly less.

4. Regularly Update Your Website Content:

Search engines always look for fresh and relevant content to provide the users.

You need to update your content regularly to get ranked high on the search results.

I recommend you publish blogs regularly with relevant information and research intent keywords.

You can achieve a top rank and be consistent with that if you update your content more frequently than you do.

5. Optimize All Your Website Images:

Optimizing website images doesn’t only mean optimizing the size and resolution.

Alternative Text of an image helps the search engine to understand what the image is about.

You should add locksmiths Keywords to the file names and Alternative Texts.

But always remember that search engines can penalize you for overstuffing keywords, so don’t over-optimize all the pictures of your blog post.

There are several free WordPress plugins that you can use to edit the Alternative Text of your image.

You should not optimize images only for search engines and social media as it is also a great platform to derive more and more traffic.

But as I mentioned earlier, do not over-optimize; only add those keyword rich alternative texts to some images.

6. Add Frequently Asked Questions on Your Service Pages:

Adding an FAQ page to your website enables you to answer many of your customers’ queries quickly.

FAQ also impacts your SEO ranking as search engines prefer websites that answer users’ common questions.

The idea is to keep the answers short and to the point to get the information quickly.

Here are the benefits of having an FAQ page on your website:

● It helps the customers to believe in your experience and credibility.

● If your answers are great, Google can feature them as a snippet or on Google’s answer boxes.

● An FAQ page can save your time by answering questions directly.

To create a dedicated FAQ page, you need to research your customers’ questions regarding locksmith services.

You can also analyze your competitors’ FAQ pages to understand the common questions that they are featuring.

In addition to this, you also have Google and Quora to track the frequently asked questions.

7. Build Citations Links:

Citations and links are also helpful to achieve a specific ranking goal.

●   Citations: 

The listing of your business NAP on different directories is called Citation.

As I mentioned before, you should make sure your business NAP on all the directories is identical.

There are many directories, both free and paid, available nationally and locally.

Before investing, you can check with Google analytics if a particular directory can pull traffic and conversion or not.

●   Links: 

Inbound links from authoritative sites can help to rank on Google.

You can build a good relationship with businesses relevent to the locksmith and start trading links.

If you are not sure how to start, you can use the Moz Link Explorer tool to show your competitors’ links data.

8. Build Positive Reviews:

If you can satisfy the customers with your service, they will leave a positive review of your business on Google My Business.

Positive reviews can help you get ranked high on Google My Business and the Google Map Pack.

You should always feel free to remind your customers for a review and give feedback on your service.

If your positive reviews show up on search results, potential customers are more likely to contact you when needed.

9. Monitor Your Competitor’s Strategies:

First, you need to list down all the local locksmiths that are getting more traffic than you.

Then you can analyze their SEO strategies by checking their websites thoroughly.

For example, you can check all the keywords they are ranking for, their content quality, backlinks, PPC campaigns, blog posts, and how frequently they update their content.

Once you do competitive research, you will get to know many new digital marketing techniques, and you can adapt to some of them if you find them useful.

10. Don’t Ignore Linking out Others:

Outbound links to relevant and high-quality websites can help the search engine find your niche, topic, and content.

It would be best if you linked to websites that are related to locksmith information guide or security tips in some way.

But always remember to link only to high-quality authority sites so that it reflects on your site’s authority.

11. Be Active on Social Media:

Being active on social media, at least on one or two platforms, is very important for your business branding.

Social media allows you to engage with your customers directly and solve their queries.

Your potential customers can contact you through social media whenever they need a locksmith quickly.

As people now spend a lot of time on social media, making their presence felt essential.

Interacting with your customers will create trust between your business and the customers, and you will get more and more repeated customers.

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Conclusion About Locksmith Local SEO Tips In 2021:

I hope you would appreciate it if you read this SEO guide for locksmith websites.

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