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Are you leading a marketing or SEO agency?

Are you looking for the best SEO reporting tools for your agencies?

If you want to send highly attractive monthly, weekly, or even daily SEO reports to your SEO clients, then this is the right place to learn now.

In this post, you are going to learn two major things, number one, the best project management tools, and another one, the top SEO reporting tools for agencies.

Know the best seo reporting tools for agencies in 2021!

Both types of tools are essential for every marketing agency to have to manage smoothly handle their multiple clients.

Do you want to see the complete comprehensive FREE SEO report templates?

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What Is An SEO Report To A Client?

An SEO report shows an overview of website performance in the search engine.

An SEO report is showing on domain authority, keywords ranking, and organic traffic.

The right SEO report is highlighting the website issues and sharing step by step guide to fix to boost your SEO performance.

A right SEO report shows 3 things-

● Progress of a website.

● Insights of website issues.

● Recommendation to work for a website improve on search ranking.

Why Top Agencies Use SEO Reporting Tools?

If you want to improve your or client website SEO, then you should go with the right SEO tools to get useful data.

If you’re running a small business or large SEO/ Marketing agency, then a right SEO reporting tool helps you to manage all your SEO clients reporting without spending much time to make the manual process to build an SEO report.

What’s a goal of SEO reporting?

An SEO report shows actionable information to take a website to achieve the goal.

You can find the basic of SEO reporting-

● SEO reporting for a business intelligence

● Make visualization and reporting

● Self-service SEO reporting

● Enterprise SEO reporting

What To Look An Agency Before Choosing The Best SEO Reporting Tools?

If you’re leading a digital marketing agency like small, medium, or large, then you have to invest in a quality SEO reporting tool.

Without the right SEO tool, you can’t do everything well.

Every SEO clients want to see the progress of evidence.

And for that, a quality SEO tool can do everything more natural for a digital marketing agency.

There are many quality SEO tools –

So on.

But before buying an SEO reporting tool, what to look at it?

● Accurate and regional data

● Integration with 3rd party tools

● Scalability for more clients 200+

● Quality of features like position tracking, backlink monitoring, competitors data, analytics, and more.

● Continually updating and improving the quality of features.

● Offering to customize SEO reporting.

● SEO client integration

● Ability to share white label SEO reports

● Access to supporting resources

● The price that value ratio

● Offering to export SEO reports

● Offering Automatically sending reports that save money.

● Easy to use for any clients or staff

You can find many SEO tools free and paid.

But a free SEO tool comes with limited features and access.

And you can get many paid SEO tools at affordable prices.

But you need to take the decision to go, which is best for your need.

All of these will take time to review and decides.

I’d highly recommend you to go with all in one most popular SEO and marketing tool called SEMrush.

If you don’t have a SEMrush account, then you can click this unique URL to grab 14 days free trial now!

Top 20+ Best SEO Reporting Tools For Agencies In 2021!

You can find countless SEO tools from the web, but you need to choose the right one based on your specific needs.

I’m going to share the list of popular SEO tools that will help your SEO or client website SEO.

Without an excellent SEO tool is not possible to track the many client’s SEO success.

Let’s have a look at it below!

Top 4 Best SEO Agency Reporting Tools:

SEMrush: All in one marketing tool

● User rating: 4.9/5

● Starting price: $99/Month

● Branded and White label reporting

● Position tracking

● Backlink monitoring

● Social media research

● Ads builder (Google ads, Social media poster)

● The business plan comes with 3 users per account

● One-stop SEO tool for any agencies

Agency Analytics:

● User rating: 4.7/5

● Starting price: $49/Month

● Unlimited staff and client login

● Automatic branding/ customize reports

● 30+ 3rd party data integration

SE Ranking:

● User rating: 4.5/5

● Starting price: $7/Month

● Multiple websites monitoring for agencies at $39/Month

● Offering Position tracking

● Competitor research

● Keyword research

● Backlink research

So on.

Authority Labs:

● User rating: 3.2 /5

● Specific for Position tracking tool

● Starting Price: $49/Month

● Unlimited users

● White label SEO ranking reports need $99/Month

● Backlink monitoring

Additional SEO agencies popular SEO tools for reporting:

● Google Analytics

● Google Data Studio

● Super metrics

● Power BI

● AccuRanker

Top 3 The Best SEO Agency All-In-One SEO Campaign Reporting Tools:

SEO marketing agencies rely on an all-in-one stop SEO tool for providing services to clients.

If a platform offers a selection of tools, so that’ll make it easier to handle your marketing campaign smoothly.


Therefore, you can start using the top all in one SEO tools like below –

● SEMrush

● Ahrefs

● Moz

Let’s have a look at what an SEO agency can do with them.

SEMrush For All SEO Reporting:

You can get all in one marketing solution with the SEMrush SEO toolkit.

Why are SEO agencies using SEMrush?

● Do competitor Analysis

● Keyword research

● Backlink building

● Rank tracking

● Website audit

● SEO reporting to the clients

● Social media tracking

And so on.


Ahrefs is another best SEO tool that comes with all in one place.

Why are SEO marketing agencies using Ahrefs?

And many more ways to use this excellent SEO tool.

Moz Pro:

Moz Pro is one of the popular SEO tools that offers all in one-stop marketing solutions.

Why is Moz Pro using by many SEO agencies?

● Start keyword research

● Do backlink research

● Rank tracking

● Website SEO audit

Additional all in one SEO tool:

●      Bright Edge

But I’d highly recommend you to go with SEMrush to be the best choice as per many top industry experts.

You can get 14 days free trial now to get SEMrush today! 

Top 3 Best Technical SEO Tools For Report A Client:

●      SEMrush For Technical SEO:

SEMrush is the best technical SEO tool on the web, and it’s coming with all in one marketing tool solution.

What can SEO agencies use Semrush for a client website?

● Find out 130+ technical and SEO mistakes

● Loading speed to check

● Crawling report of a website

● Content issues of your client website

● Meta tags data

● Https security protocols

● Interlinking data 

● JS and CSS errors

● AMP implementation

● Thematic reports

● Prioritize your tasks

● Tracking progress and compare crawls

● Automate your reports

● Site migration workflow

There are many reasons to use Semrush for small to large business agencies.

Click here to Get free audit for 100 pages now by sign-up today!

●      Screaming Frog:

Screaming Frog is a technical SEO tool that crawls small to large business websites.

It will bring you on-site technical data such as meta title, description, 404 broken link, duplicate content, and so on.

What can SEO agencies use the Screaming Frog tool?

● Make a complete SEO audit

● Performing weekly or monthly site audits to make better site health.

● Find out competitor’s weaknesses by doing a site audit.

●      Google search console:

Google search console is the first technical SEO tool using by most of SEO marketing agencies.

What can SEO agencies use Google search console?

● Monitoring SEO clients site SERP.

● Fixing issues related to site indexing or reindexing.

● Find out average CTR data for better optimization.

● Google Direct alert of any website issues

 Many more than it.

Additionally, technical SEO tools for reporting:

● Sitebulb

● Sanity

● Deep Crawl

● GTmetrix

● SEO profiler

● SERP stat

● URL Profiler

Top 4 Best On-Page SEO Tools For Reporting:

If a website wants to increase SEO ranking, then the number#1 ranking factor is building higher quality, valuable, relevant content that helping the right user intent.

Therefore, content optimization becomes more critical in SEO.

A right on-page SEO tool can help agencies a lot to optimize client website content.

Let’s have a look at them-

● SEMrush

● PageOptimize Pro

● Clear scope

● Market Muse

●      SEMrush For On-Page SEO:

Why are SEO agencies using SEMrush for on-page SEO?

With SEMrush on-page SEO Optimising, you can do several things to improve your client SEO organic traffic.

● Find top pages to optimize

● Import keywords and pages

● Make campaign settings

● Change the targeting

● Changing user intent

● Exporting easily

● Re-running your campaign optimization

● Detailed analysis of keyword usage

● Semantics analysis

● Backlinks analysis

● Content length research

● Video usage

● Readability analysis

SEMrush is the best solution for any marketing aspects. It’s all in one best marketing platform on the web.

●      PageOptimize Pro:

Why are SEO agencies using PageOptimize Pro?

With PageOptimize Pro, you can optimize the quickest way your client website on-page content.

●      Clear scope:

Why are SEO agencies using Clear scope?

You can research targeting keywords to optimize your client website content easily.

Clear scope help to write and optimize new content as well that helps organic search ranking.

●      Market Muse:

Market Muse is a platform that uses AI and machine learning processes.

You can get much better help to build your content strategies and creative creation.

Top 7 Best Off-Page SEO Tools Must Use An Agency For Reporting:

Offpage SEO is all about building backlinks from other websites, such as voting.

Building authority, a website needs higher quality backlinks from relevant websites.

Building backlinks are manually processed, and it’s taking a long time.

Therefore, choosing the right off-page SEO tool can help you to build backlinks in more scalable ways.

Let me share the off-page SEO tools-

● Buzzstream

● Hunter

● Buzzsumo

● PitchBox

● Internet marketing ninja

● Majestic SEO

● SEMrush


Why is an SEO agency using BuzzStream?

● To Find the contact information

● Find social media profiles

● Get website metrics

● Find the influencers name

● Keep email outreach easily and track

● Awareness through Tweets and track

● Review your outreach campaign performance


Why are SEO agencies using Hunter?

Find contact emails for any outreach campaign.

Upload a list of websites to get bulk email address faster.


Why are SEO agencies using BuzzSumo?

● Find the most shared article.

● Find a huge list of influencers for any topic or competitor.

● Do analysis the best performing content of your SEO client’s competitors.


PitchBox is the best tool for backlinks building, email outreach, influencer outreach, and content promotion.

Why are SEO agencies using PitchBox?

● Customize Outreach email

● Find contact details

● Do automatic follow up email

● Email integration

● Schedule follow-ups

● Schedule reporting for any campaign

Ninja outreach is the similar best tool like PitchBox.

Why are SEO agencies using Ninja Outreach?

● Find business profiles

● Get influencer profile

● Find contact emails

● Manage massive campaign and multiple projects easier

● Email and marketing APIs

● Do Scalable outreach campaign

So on.

Majestic SEO:

Majestic SEO is the best choice for SEO and any marketers.

Why are SEO agencies using the Majestic SEO tool?

Analysis for link reclamation

Analyze internal links structure

Find the backlink profile of any website

Get alerts for new backlinks

Analysis to get new opportunities from competitors backlinks.

SEMrush For Off-Page SEO:

SEMrush is an all-rounder tool for any marketing and specific for SEO and SEM.

Let see why SEO agencies are using SEMrush for an off-page SEO campaign?

● Analysis of competitor’s backlink profiles.

● Compare multiple domains side by side.

● Monitor competitor’s new and lost links.

● Get advanced filters and exporter.

● Analysis of referring domains, ips, and anchor text.

● Easy to find competitor’s top-performing pages.

● Bulk backlinks analysis.

● Find the indexing pages.

● Get any website overview and backlinks report.

And many more than it.

Top SEO experts are always recommending to go with SEMrush all in a one-stop marketing solution.

Get Register on SEMrush now for 14 days free trial today!

Top 4 Best Local SEO Tools For Local Client Reporting:

To manage local SEO, every agency needs the right tools.

Let’s have a look at them-


Why are SEO agencies using Yext?

● To manage SEO client’s local listing on multiple directories.

● Update local related information like NAP, Citations, reviews, and ratings.

Bright local:

Why are SEO agencies using Bright local?

● To monitor local ranking

● Monitor local citations, reviews, and Google my business

● Reporting white-label data with the client.


Why are SEO agencies using Whitespark?

● Tracking rank on Google, Bing, and other local directories.

● Finding key citations if your competitors already listed.

● Building client reputation for review and feedback.

SEMrush For Local SEO:

Why are SEO agencies using SEMrush for local SEO?

● To manage local listing management with correct business data.

● Distribution on local directories

● Manage reviews

● Find a list of local authoritative directories of your competitors easily.

Top 3 Best Project Management Software To Use Every SEO & Digital Marketing Agency :

Every SEO agencies must have a project management tool to manage multiple projects efficiently.

Let’s have a look at the list of some popular SEO project management tools-

●      Google Sheets

●      Asana

●      Trello

Google Sheets:

Why are SEO agencies using Google sheets?

● To manage SEO projects

● To build multiple SEO reports

● To analyze numerous clients SEO data

● To share reports in real-time to the client


Why are SEO agencies using Asana?

● To manage multiple clients, tasks, and teams in one place.

● Make visual project planning.

● Assign responsibility to any individual and deadlines.

● Tracking the progress of several jobs and reschedule the tasks.

● Keep the store and share files.

● Make a conversation in one place.


Why are SEO agencies using Trello?

● Add multiple client’s tasks.

● Assign the tasks to a team member.

● Track various projects easily.

 Many more than it.

Here are few additional SEO project management tools-

● Slack

● Basecamp

● Hubstaff

● Teamwork

● Airtable

● Linkio

● Google Calendar

● Google Docs

● FreedCamp

● Accelo

● TeamGantt

● Office 365

● ProofHub

● Jira

Here are all the 85 popular SEO tools that mentioned in this article for reporting –

  1. SEMrush
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google search console
  4. SE Ranking
  5. SEO profiler
  6. Moz
  7. Serpstat
  8. Agency Analytics
  9. Authority Labs
  10. Google Data Studio
  11. Super metrics
  12. Power BI
  13. AccuRanker
  14. Ahrefs
  15. Bright Edge
  16. Screaming Frog
  17. Sitebulb
  18. Sanity
  19. Deep Crawl
  20. GTmetrix
  21. URL Profiler
  22. PageOptimize Pro
  23. Clear scope
  24. Market Muse
  25. Buzzstream
  26. Hunter
  27. Buzzsumo
  28. PitchBox
  29. Internet marketing ninja
  30. Majestic SEO
  31. Yext
  32. Bright local
  33. Whitespark
  34. Google Sheets
  35. Asana
  36. Trello
  37. Slack
  38. Basecamp
  39. Hubstaff
  40. Teamwork
  41. Airtable
  42. Linkio
  43. Google Calendar
  44. Google Docs
  45. FreedCamp
  46. Accelo
  47. TeamGantt
  48. Office 365
  49. ProofHub
  50. Jira
  51. KWfinder
  52. Kissmetrics
  53. Sprout Social
  54. Brandwatch
  55. Siteliner
  56. Rival IQ
  57. Search Latte
  58. Market Muse
  59. Trendspottr
  60. Mangool Tool
  61. SEO powersuite
  62. Click Flow
  63. Muck Rack
  64. Raven Tool
  65. SpyFu
  66. SERPbook
  67. Woorank
  68. DigiMetr
  69. Ubersuggest
  70. Stat
  71. Google pageSpeed insights
  72. Bing webmaster tool
  73. Google keyword planner
  74. AnswerThePublic
  75. Google trends
  76. SEO Quake
  77. RankMath
  78. Grammarly
  79. Keyword Everywhere
  80. Small SEO Tools
  83. Pingdom Tool
  84. SEOSiteCheckup
  85. Mooney Position Checker

Relevant Recommended Resources:

FAQ About The Best SEO Reporting Tools For Agencies To Manage Multiple Clients In 2021!

What are the Top 5 expert-recommended seo marketing and reporting tools?

If you want to know the top 3 SEO experts are suggesting to use for SEO reporting, then the is simply.
● SEMrush- All in one marketing tool – Get 14 days free trial now!
● Google search console – Free tool
● Google Analytics – Free tool
● Google Docs & Sheets – Free tools
● Slack – Free trial today!

How many SEO clients can handle a small SEO agency?

It depends on your team size if you might be 1 person to handle, or you have 5+ team members.
But you must fix your SEO prices affordable that you can manage to pay for all SEO tools, teams, and other expenses along with your profits.
Never charge your SEO cost less than $750/ month.
Once you have more new SEO clients, then you can hire more team members to build your company size.
In my personal opinion, a single person can only handle 2 SEO projects only to work with the right strategies.

Which SEO tools do I use regularly?

If you want to start using SEO tools regularly
then, you should go with the following tools –
Google Analytics:
To get complete web stats and search insights.
Google search console:
Frequently do website analysis, alerts for any issues, and indexing or reindexing to improve your SEO website.
SEMrush is a tool coming with all-rounder marketing solutions.
Do backlink analysis, competitors’ hidden keywords, interlinking, website optimization, and do many more than it.

How do I manage my SEO projects?

Using the right SEO project management tools is easier to manage from any location.
You can manage 7-10 SEO clients at a time.
You can respond to SEO client’s email to your team members from the same place.
You can save tremendous time and manage multiple projects efficiently.
Luckily, you can get these SEO projects management tools any time-
● Asana
● Trello
● Google sheets

What are the types of SEO?

SEO is 3 types that you must learn to implement for your site or client website.
On-page SEO – it’s related to the keywords research, content optimization, etc..
Technical SEO- it’s related to improve better a website backend structure like site speed, mobile responsive, indexing, crawling, security, etc.…
Off-Page SEO – it’s related to building a site reputation and authority through quality backlinks from other relevant websites.

How do I manage too many SEO clients?

When you have too many SEO clients, you should fix 3 significant issues –
● Raise your SEO cost
● Cater to a niche market
● Improving your SEO process

By using these 3 things, you can manage all your SEO clients under control and manageable price easily.

Which SEO tool is best for multiple clients reporting?

There are many SEO tools are offering Free, but in this stage, you have to go with the paid SEO tools only.
Free tools are not going to give you reports for export.
However, paid SEO tools can help you and save your time.
I’d only recommend you to go with SEMrush all in one marketing tools.
Try 14 days free trial from thus spacial URL now!

What are the essential tools required for SEO?

To get the necessary SEO tools, you must use these- All of the tools are offering Free and free trial.
● Google pageSpeed insights
● Moz local listing score – free trial.
● SEMrush Backlink checker – Free trial 14 days
● Ubersuggest
● Google Analytics
● Google search console and Bing webmaster tool
● Google keyword planner
● AnswerThePublic
● Google trends
● SEO Quake
● RankMath
● Grammarly

You must try the top 12 essential SEO tools to improve your SEO client’s website from today.

How do I make or write an SEO report?

Every SEO client does not have the same goals.
Therefore, SEO reporting is vital.
You need to show them from your reports, how you’re improving your client website SEO step by step.
To build a perfect SEO reports for an SEO client, you should follow 7 essential points-
● Reporting about organic traffic channels.
● Informing about conversion rate and goal completion.
● Reporting about page-level traffic.
● Reporting on website page speed insights.
● Reporting about users’ average time on site and bounce rate.
● Reporting about keywords ranking and backlinks you build.
● Build a perfect plan for future recommendations and implementation strategies.

Always make comparisons of day by day, month to month progress and strategies that you have implemented for your SEO client website.

What is the best-automated SEO reports tool?

To find the best-automated SEO reporting tool, you must go with the following to get excellent SEO reports for your client.
●      SEMrush – 14 days free trial!
●      Ahrefs
●      Google Analytics
●      Google search console

Make impressive SEO reports now with these 4 top SEO tools today!

What is the best customizable SEO reporting tool out there?

To get the best customization SEO report under your brand, then I can say 2 tools for SEO agencies and experts.
● Customize SEO report for agencies – SEMrush
● Customize SEO report for individual expert, professional – Serpstat.

Build your SEO clients rank tracking, backlink analysis, SEO audit, keyword research, competitors analysis report now!
You can make many more than it.

What are the best tools for SEO reports for free?

Which tools/software we should use for monthly/weekly SEO reports?

There are many SEO tools for weekly or monthly SEO reporting, but I’d recommend you to send your SEO clients reports from SEMrush if you have an account (Get 14 days free trial)
You can use the Google analytics tool reporting.
These 2 SEO tools are pretty accurate data.

What is the best SaaS tool for SEO reporting?

You can find multiple SAAS tools for SEO reporting free and paid versions.
With a free version, it’s coming with limited access and features.
And with paid SEO tools are coming with ultimate features and benefits for agencies.
Please have a look at the following-
● Small SEO Tools – Free
● SEMrush – All in one marketing tool – Free sign up now!
● Majestic SEO – Paid
● Ahrefs – Paid
● SEO power suite – Paid
● SEO profiler – Paid
● Moz – Paid
● Serpstat – Paid and Free trial
● Ubersuggest -Paid 
So on.

What’s a proper white label SEO audit and reporting tool?

You can get several SEO tools that provide white label SEO audit and reporting.
It depends on your agency size and budget if you’re an individual expert.
One of the most popular SEO white label audits and reporting tools is SEMrush.
It’s best for any marketing professional ( agencies or individuals).
You can get 14 days free trial now from our partnership URL – Click here!

Is SEMrush an excellent SEO reporting tool? 

Of course, SEMrush is the best and right SEO tool for any marketing aspect.
SEMrush is an All in one-stop marketing tool.
You can build an SEO report with just a single click.
You can save tremendous time to build your SEO report with SEMrush today! 
Get a free 14 days SEO trial now!

Why is SEMrush the best reporting tool for SEO?

You can get multiple benefits for using SEMrush-
● Competitive intelligence
● Strategic advertising
● Expended social media
● Tactical content marketing
● Backlink analysis
● Website SEO audit
● Keyword research
● Site optimization

Etc…lot more.
This is why SEMrush is the best choice for any marketers online.

What are the best free or paid SEO audit tools?

I’ve discussed several SEO tools for SEO reporting in free and paid.
Here’s Top 3 free and paid SEO tools for reporting-
Top 3 Free SEO tools for the report:
● Ubersuggest (SEMrush Get free 14 days trial)
● Google Analytics
● Google search console
Top 3 paid SEO tools for the report:
● SEMrush
● Ahrefs
● Moz

What tool can make an SEO report in PDF for free?

Free SEO tools are offering limited features only.
Paid SEO tools are allowing advanced features and export/ import files.
If you want to get free PDF SEO reporting, then you might go with SEMrush from This Link now!
Our Blog is a partnership with SEMrush, and only our readers can get 14 days of free trial on SEMrush any plans!
Don’t miss the opportunity to test SEMrush!

What is a useful ranking report Tool that can show up to 300 keyword results in one run, and that can show 3 SERPS deep?

You can go with SEMrush or Ahrefs or Moz SEO tool to get excellent ranking reports for 300+ keywords and many more features.

What are the free tools for keyword research and tracking website ranks in Google search?

If you want to know the free keyword research tools then, go with the following-
● Google keyword planner
● Google trends
● Answer The Public
● Ubersuggest
● Keyword Everywhere

And to find keywords ranking position and tracking free SEO tools- 
● SEMrush – 14 days free trial!
● Small SEO Tools

Is there any free SEO tool for checking the complete SEO report of a website?

There are many SEO tools to get a complete SEO report.
But for the free version, I’d suggest you-
● Ubersuggest
● SEMrush Free trial 14 days!
● Siteliner
● Pingdom Tool
● SEOSiteCheckup

What are the best SEO monitoring tools, other than SEOSiteCheckup, that also generate SEO reports for free?

In my personal opinion, I’d highly recommend you to go with Screaming Frog SEO spider for the best alternative to SEOSiteCheckup.
You can simply get the last free SEO reports from SEMrush now if you register from this URL now!

What is the best SEO software that isn’t expensive?

To find a low expensive best SEO tool then
Serpstat ($55.9/m) is the right choice for you.
Or If you want to get some excellent SEO reports free of cost, then try our exclusive link to get SEMrush 14 days free trial now!

What is the best tool to check for bulk keyword ranking for client reporting?

To find the best SEO tool for bulk keywords rank checking, you must go with premium SEO tools like SEMrushAhrefs, or Moz.
You can get several other tools free, but the number of keywords is not more than 10-20 keywords at a time.
With a premium SEO Tool, you can save huge time for your SEO clients reporting.
You might try free 14 days trial on the SEMrush account now! Click here!
Lifetime free SEO tools for rank checking:
● Small SEO Tools
● Rank watch
● Mooney Position Checker

Where can I find cheap and affordable SEO tools for client reporting?

To find cheap and affordable SEO reporting tools are-
● Google
● Google Analytics
● Google search console
● Google docs and drive

Above all of these tools are free and cheap tools are –
SEMrush Free trial 14 days ( it’s not a cheap tool for startups).

What is my and expert’s favorite SEO tool combination?

The short and straightforward answer is SEMrush.
SEMrush is the best and popular SEO and all in one marketing tool on the web.
99% of top SEO industry experts are recommending to use SEMrush.

Get free trial for 14 days now!

Which is the best tool for the remarkable reporting of “PPC & SEO” statistics?

SEMrush is the right software for both SEO & PPC reporting tools.
And for PPC purposes, you might use the SpyFu tool.

What are the best tools to find out keyword search volume & keyword difficulty for the client site?

To find keywords search volume, you can use many tools to get the report.
But you need accurate data to get a search volume.
Free keywords research volume checker:
● Google keyword planner
● Keyword Everywhere
● Ubersuggest

But to get accurate search volume & keyword difficulty:
● SEMrush
● Ahrefs

Both keywords research tools are the right choice.

What is SEO keyword tracking software best for a small marketing agency?

To find SEO keywords tracking for the client’s website, every agency needed the right tools to get an accurate report.
An SEO agency has to check lots of keywords on a weekly or monthly basis.
The problem is about pricing the tool.
SEMrush is not a cheap SEO tool, but SEMrush is all in one marketing solution that helps a lot for SEO agencies to save huge money and time.
SEMrush is the best platform for all SEO aspect reporting for small business agencies.

What are the top paid tool for client site backlinks building?

To find the best-paid SEO tools for backlinks analysis, profile, backlinks new opportunities, Then SEMrush is again the right choice.
And to build quality backlinks outreach,
Ninja Outreach tool is the best solution for marketing agencies and SEO specialists.

Conclusion About The Best SEO Reporting Tools For Agencies To Manage Multiple Clients In 2021!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the post about the best SEO tools for managing multiple clients and reporting.

I’d highly recommend you to go with SEMrush to get 14 days free trial now!

If you have any questions related to SEO management and reporting tools, please comment below!

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